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Secure, Compliant, Auditable.

Proper record disposal is particularly important given the growing number of regulations that cover this process such as the FTC FACTA rule in the US. Electra provides certified document destruction for confidential or sensitive information.

Certified Destruction

Our document destruction services provide a certification. Through these services documents are securely shredded and the output product is recycled. A certificate of destruction is then provided to the customer.

Strict Standard Operating Procedures

All of our document destruction Service Orders are fulfilled using strict operating procedures that help guarantee that only the intended documents are destroyed reliably every time. We begin only upon your authorization in writing. Only then our procedures are applied through a specially designed destruction workflow. The complete process can be audited.

Dispose of Most Types of Documents

Most types of documents can be destroyed, such as paper documents, floppies, CDs, microfilm and other similar types of media.

Witness the Destruction Process

Per request, the destruction services can be witnessed by your authorized representatives within the secure environment of our facilities.


Confidentiality is one of our cornerstones. Documents stored and managed by us are handled using strict operating procedures that enforce absolute confidentiality and restrict access only to the right people within your organization. We are bound by confidentiality agreements and our procedures strictly limit access to your documents. Only upon the specific request from one of your pre-authorized representatives will our staff begin a destruction process.

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