Cost-Effective, Precise, Fast.

Electra has the knowledge, experience and technological tools to deliver reliably every time - whether a few pages or a project involving millions of documents. Our strong emphasis on standard procedures and workflows helps guarantee consistent quality and timeliness. We integrate the best technology to provide you with a competitive and easy to use service.

The Right Solution for Your Needs

Outsourcing imaging to Electra is more cost-effective and will free your resources to focus on what you do best. We have experience in many industries, like:

  • Highly Regulated Pharma and Manufacturing

  • Legal, Finance and Insurance

  • Healthcare Providers

Customer Service Representative
Vital Records
Engineering and Construction
Finance and Insurance
Piles of Files

Improve Productivity and Effectiveness

Increase your productivity by imaging selected paper-based processes and leveraging your technology investment. Organize millions of paper documents for fast and easy storage, search and access. From your mailroom to your customer service or finance departments, the smart implementation of our imaging solutions will make your business more effective.

Increase Compliance, Reduce Risk, Protect Vital Records

Electra can help businesses create digital duplicates of vital information by scanning selected records into digital documents, thus improving their risk management performance and compliance with laws and regulations.

Paper to Digital Conversion - Easy

Electra Imaging services provide a complete solution for converting large volumes of paper records into digital documents. These services are cost-effective, accurate, fast, flexible and simple to use. The process is quite simple and can be performed at your facilities or ours. Leverage all your information with instant digital access.

Lower Costs With No Capital Investment

Implementing an imaging program with Electra will lower the recurring operating costs of managing your records. By outsourcing the process to us, there is no need for upfront capital investment, recurring equipment and software upgrades and monthly operating expenses.

True Reproductions, Consistent Quality

We produce high-quality reproductions of the original paper documents. Our emphasis on standard procedures and technology helps guarantee the consistent quality of our work. We bring over 2 decades of experience to bear to every project. 

  • Create an exact replica of the original document 

  • Add data entry or index of key document data (i.e. invoice number, date, subject, etc.)

  • Provide fully text-searchable images across document compilations

  • Digital format supported on common computer platforms

  • Free software to view and print images

  • Add password and access controls to documents or the use of digital signatures

Compatibility with Document Management Systems

We provide you with a free document database application to manage your imaged documents. However, we also prepare your digital documents to work with any Document Management System that has a bulk import function. 

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