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24/7 Web Access, 

Transportation, Imaging,

Data Entry & Supplies



Reliable, Accesible, Complete.

Even under the most demanding circumstances you can trust us to ensure your records will be readily available precisely when you need them. Time-tested operating procedures and structured workflows enable Electra to provide our services consistently, accurately and reliably 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Complete Range of Services
  • 24/7 Web Access

  • Transportation

  • Data Entry or Indexing

  • Imaging on Demand

  • Document Destruction

  • Detailed Monthly Reporting

  • Supplies

Data Entry
Web Access
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24/7 Web Access App

Exclusive for our customers, our online web application provides authorized users with an easy way to place service orders for boxes or files using straight forward search tools and a standard web browser 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Customers can track the real-time status of every service order in our system. This web application also provides our customers with access to detailed information on each of their boxes or files, and an auditable transaction history for every box or file accessed.

Fast and Reliable Access To Your Records

Electra provides for a number of convenient options to order boxes or files. Just call, fax, email or place a request through our web application and we will have your record available per your request. Electra’s central locations, processes and control systems will provide your business with fast access to your records. We work tirelessly to make sure you get your records where and when you need them.

Next Day, Same Day and Rush Deliveries

Electra delivers anywhere. We provide for a wide range of transportation and delivery options that will have a document where you need it, when you need it. Our own vehicles and uniformed personnel can deliver or pickup your records. Fax or online delivery options and standard international carrier delivery options are also available. We offer delivery services to fit the urgency of your service requests:

  • Next Day (Regular),

  • Same Day (AM/PM)

  • Rush

  • Off Business Hours

Document Control System

Our state-of-the-art database information system manages records at both the box level and the document level. It also manages and logs the complete history of all transactions involving your records. The system ensures that our standard operating procedures are consistently applied to every service order to ensure the right documents are delivered where and when the customer needs them.

  • Document Inventory: We manage for you of a comprehensive set of attributes for each box or document, such as barcode, customer box number, department or cost-center, owner, contents, description, reference number, reference text, date created, destruction date and many others. All our boxes are tagged with a barcode label that confidentially identifies its owner, the customer's box number and our unique warehouse box control number.

  • Detailed and Audible: The entire access history of a box or document, from its initial tender to its eventual destruction, is recorded by our systems with information on who is the pre-authorized representative that requested the transaction and when it was made and executed. Images of all the signed transactions receipts are kept by the system for reference.

  • Service Order Quality: Every Service Order placed by a customer is managed with the same high standard of quality. We apply procedures to every type of access request from a customer (i.e. request a box, deposit a box, retrieve a file, etc.) These procedures are applied through specific workflows which are managed by our Records Management System. Through our systems we are able to monitor every step of a service order from generation, processing, transportation, fulfillment and closure. This order tracking formation is available to our customers through our online web application.

Imaging Documents On Demand

Need a document fast? Would you like to quickly share a document throughout your organization? Would you like to capture data in digital form from an original document? Our image on demand delivery service is your solution. Just request a box or document and we will make it available right to your computer desktop in a standard digital format.

Data Entry or Indexing

Electra provides document indexing or data entry services. Our indexing services are custom-tailored to the needs of every specific customer and project, and can be applied to many types of records. Once the parameters are set, specific fields of information are collected either at our facilities or at the customer’s site. This information can then be transferred directly to the customer’s information systems, used as input to our database information management systems, or used as part of our imaging services.

Detailed Monthly Reports

The services we provide are very important to our customers and keeping track of them is thus essential. We provide all of our customers with monthly reports that enable them to monitor their document box inventory, monthly access transactions, boxes recently added, and boxes ready for destruction. These activity reports are automatically sent on a monthly basis to all customers at no additional cost in electronic form (pdf).


Several sizes of heavy-duty boxes specially made for document storage are available.

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