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Dominican Republic

Our Santo Domingo facilities are centrally located in the DN

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico boasts facilities in the Banking District and nearby Cataño

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Documents stored and managed by us are handled with absolute confidentiality enforced by strict and time-tested procedures. Only upon the specific request of one of your pre-authorized representatives will our staff handle any documents.


Your records will be readily available when and where you need them, even in the most demanding of circumstances. Our central locations, trained personnel and high-tech control systems will provide fast reliable access to your records always.


Stay in compliance with rules and regulations! Consistent application of our Standard Operating Procedures will help you with HIPAA, PCI and other regulations across many industries.


Information is the heart of your business. This is why our special  records storage facilities are protected by professional security systems 24/7. All access is strictly controlled and logged in our Inventory Control System.